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Doug Dederick

Sorry I am not running for any positions at this time. Thank you for your consideration Doug

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On my new Raquette Lake Railway, there is a staging yard inside of a loop of track.  Trains will be entering from either the north bound lead or the south bound lead and I would like them to be able to take whatever track is open on arrival via the ladder track.  The throat I designed has a double crossover so it can allow trains into any track.  On the diagram I am attaching there is only one ladder for the yard so all trains regardless of the direction they are coming from need to travel through the double crossover to get to the yard ladder.  The trains will also be able to skirt the yard and run around the loop for continuous running and I would like them to depart on either the north bound or south bound lead regardless of what direction they entered the yard.  I may also end up designing the yard to have a double yard ladders, having one for north bound and one for south bound trains, but again I want trains to be able to depart from which ever ladder they are on and be able to switch leads.
I assume I will need an Auto Reversing unit.  I attached a sketch of how I think it has to be wired but I’m not sure.  Anybody have some advice.  My gut says isolate all four tracks coming into the crossover from the rest of the layout and hook the AR unit to the crossover  tracks but….
By the way, any other nominations for officers?  I would nominate Doug and Geoff for the current positions they are serving in.