Corner Module - Alternate Based on Mike's Module


Hi John and gang.

I just uploaded a crude sketch of a corner with junction that Mike
LaCasse had in some layouts with a branch line that ended in a double
tracked Bend Track end loop. I think that it had two pieces.

It is different from John's design. The Orange always goes into the
branch and Red had a pair of turnouts to permit the choice of sending
Red into the branch or keeping it on the main layout.

When we used this in Poughkeepsie and Kingston, we almost always ran
both Orange and Red into the branch, only occasionally keeping Red on
the Main line (like when we had a derailment or set up in the branch).

This made for good and interesting operations with a much longer run
for both Orange and Red.

Mike - can you comment on this? Did I fairly represent your module?

John, can we consider this instead? Or maybe as a fifth corner

(With any kind of luck, I hope to be back in Kingston in April 2007
with my Bend Track end lop).


"John Henry"
John Henry Low