corner mods

Doug Dederick

Hi everyone I have just caught up on all the messages. Thanks for all
the great info. Lets recap everything, John V. Brain H. and myself
will be purchasing everything we need to build the corners. At our
Jan. meeting we will get a grand total and slit it up among the group
so hang on to your $ until then. We will talk about what we want to do
with the old corners at that meeting. AS John said we would come off
the orange line for the juction part of the corner so it would not
interfere with any of the other lines. This seem to work well on other
layout we saw at the last show. At the meeting we can talk about the
pro's an con's and make a decision then. That will be a work session
so we will be laying the track and roadbed along with the wiring at
that time. John and I will be building the corners in the next few
weeks. Thanks again everyone for your input