Re: Reminder - Annual Meeting

Doug Dederick

Before our meeting

Per Geoff email dated September 12th Change to Bylaws

Paragraph V -
after the sentence listing the VP's duties, after "as needed", add "act as President if the President is unable to, “

I think we need to define this a bit more as to what is “ unable to “ for example “ For personal or medical reasons “ Just my 2 cents

Thanks Doug

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What time is this? It may conflict with marching band for me.

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Just a reminder that we have our annual meeting tomorrow, Sunday, September 25th. The meeting link is at the end of this message. The agenda is:

Treasurer's report from Rod.
Vote on the proposed changes to the by-laws. These were listed in an earlier message, on September 12th.
Discuss any other club business - there is nothing I'm aware of but feel free to bring things up as appropriate.
Elect new officers. The current officers are all restricted by the by-laws from holding their current positions again. I nominate me for treasurer but we need volunteers for other positions.
Discuss the train shows that are coming up.
Poughkeepsie is early this year - October 30 - let Mark know if you're attending
The PCC show is November 19th - let me know if you want to bring T-Trak modules
GTE is December 4th - Doug agreed to run this again.
General discussion of any relevant items of interest to the group.

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