Re: PCC show

Geoff Dunn

I wound up doing the PCC show by myself today. Two others had planned to join me, but the weather forecast caused a change in plans. The show organizers actually closed things down at 1:00, citing safety as their reason. The layout was 10.5 feet long and used my wide corners for the first time. They worked great; the drawback is lots of space behind the modules, so the bus wires are obvious. I had trouble getting the Digitrax system to start Loconet, but fortunately I had brought my NCE Powercab and that worked perfectly. A few pictures are posted in the Photos section of the site - .

The show was reasonably well attended - something over 200 paid (kids are free, normal attendance is pushing 500-ish). There were definitely kids at the T-Trak layout - it was a non-stop four hours. Two news cameras were there. I think channel 10 was there early, and channel six was filming later. My wife caught a promo "news story" on channel 10 this morning - the link is: . Click the video link on that page. It has a clip from last fall's show, which briefly shows Stephen and me at the layout, around 1:27. If anyone finds links to video of today's show, please post them!


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