Re: New York Central System Historical Convention in Albany


When NYCHS was in Poughkeepsie many years ago, Geoff Dunn set up some NTrak modules in the Hyde Park RR Station (the club that sponsors the Poughkeepsie Model Train Show) along with the club's 8 foot Hyde Park Station modules.  I was there to nominally help, but mostly run trains and shoot the breeze.  The Hyde Park Station was one of the many sites open for layout tours and open houses on Friday afternoon.  Very few people showed up, but we enjoyed running the trains and the fine spring weather on the station's platform by the tracks and Hudson River. 

I had wanted to attend one particular lecture (can't remember which one now).  When I asked about attending, the response was great, send in your $150 fee.  Since that included a banquet that I couldn't attend, I asked if I could pay a reduced fee for one lecture, especially since we had exhibited for one of the open houses/layout tours.  Nope.  $150 or nothing.  No a la carte like the NMRA. 

I shouldn't be too critical, since it is an all volunteer organization, and running a Convention is a lot of work, but it struck me as not too inviting.  So while I was sad to see they won't accept NTrak, they are not flexible. 

Be well,
"John Henry"

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