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john valachovic

I have the banner, I will bring it Saturday

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Hi Everyone I hope you all had a most fulfilling Thanksgiving! Ha Ha I know I did what I always do, eat to much! Anyways we have just one week before the GTE show and as show coordinator I would like to have a game plan.

1) Who plans to set up on Saturday? If we could get the layout all set up on Saturday that would be awesome but I know a few of you live more that an hour away.
    (A ) Give me a time that you can be there and if we can all be there around the same time that would be great. I can be there at anytime

2) Matt is in charge of setting up the DCC system

3) EVERYONE must work on putting in the connecting track sections before you start laying things out on your modules such as buildings and things.

CLAMPS  Make sure you have them and spares if you can bring them!

In preparation please check your modules for any loose connections or broken track or another problems.

Once I get a head count for a Saturday set up I will send out more information.

Thanks Doug

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