Doug Dederick

Rod This was for the GTE train show, Please read again thanks

On Oct 18, 2021, at 11:24 AM, Rod Mason <> wrote:

Hi Doug,

As I indicated earlier in response to your op session invitation, in normal
times I would love to participate. However, even though I'm fully
vaccinated, I'm avoiding close contact indoors with anyone who's not
immediate family or someone with whom I don't have regular contact. This is
mainly because I have 2 young grandchildren (ages 3 & 1) with whom I have
regular contact and
have not been eligible to receive vaccinations against COVID-19 due to their
age. Thanks.


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Subject: [AlbanyNTrak] GTE SHOW

Hi Guys I would like to see who is interested in setting up at the GTE
show ? We need to make a decision ASAP if we are and what type of layout. T
or N modules. PLEASE respond to BOTH questions

Thanks Doug

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