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Rod Mason

In regard to the three items raised by Geoff, here are my responses to each issue:

1. Annual meeting: I’ll be away on vacation from 9/21 to 9/30. Therefore, if the meeting is going to fall during this time period, it would have to be virtual in order for me to participate.

2. Payment for Groups. IO site: According to the latest statement from SEFCU, where the club’s funds are on deposit, the latest balance shows as $1,248.39. Accordingly, we have more than enough funds to reimburse Geoff for the $240 that he was charged in 2020 and to pay for the “premium plan” and to continue paying for it for 2021 and beyond. Since this is where the club’s “archives” (i.e. files & photos) reside, I say we should continue with paying for the premium plan.

3. Shows: In regard to my participation in any of the shows to be held this fall, I’m avoiding close contact indoors with anyone who’s not immediate family or someone with whom I don’t have regular contact. This is mainly because I have 2 young grandchildren (ages 3 & 1) with whom I have regular contact and have not been eligible to receive vaccinations against COVID-19 due to their age. Therefore, I’m a “no go” for any of the six (6) shows that Geoff mentions in his message.


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We should discuss some things.

1. Annual meeting. Does anyone object if we do this virtually? Elections were last year. There's not too much to go over, except payment for the Groups.IO site. Of course, it's nice to get together and talk when we're not trying to run trains and deal with the public.

1. a. Payment for Groups.IO site. History - once we used Yahoo Groups. That went away. We moved to Groups.IO. In order to copy files and historical photos and stuff from Yahoo to Groups.IO, we had to purchase the "premium plan". That was approved in 2019 and the move was completed. Last year, I looked into dropping the premium plan to go back to the free plan. If we did that, we would lose the files and photos sections, leaving only the messages. In 2020, my credit card was charged automatically, for $240. This leaves us with two items - is the group willing to pay me back for last year's charge, and do we want to pay the annual charge for the premium plan for 2021 and beyond? I find it useful enough to allocate the money. The club treasury is in good shape and can handle paying for this. When we charge $10 dues, and are reimbursed for various shows, we have more income than the plan would cost. What do people think?

2. Shows.

2. a. Schoharie Sept 18 - Brian indicated interest, but nobody else said anything. Last call?

b. Amsterdam / ALCo Sept 26 - see previous note. We need a layout coordinator and modules.

c. Glens Falls / Upstate Model Railroaders - Oct. 16 - their web site has a date but still says "keep checking this page for further information". Forest, Mike - any more info? We need a layout coordinator, which could be me, and people to bring T-Trak modules.

d. Poughkeepsie - Nov 7 - we need someone to coordinate the layout, and people to bring modules. This has been an N-Trak module layout for almost 30 years. Do we want to continue that?

e. Albany PCC - Nov 20 - the show coordinator says it's on, the PCC has it on their calendar, but the show's website hasn't been updated since 2020 and I don't know if the location improved the ventilation or if it will be as crowded as usual. We need a show coordinator and people to bring modules. Who's interested?

f. Albany GTE - Dec 5 - who's interested?

All shows are subject to cancellation due to COVID or other factors. Some shows are in facilities that likely have good airflow and some are not.

To recap, there are three things for members to respond to.

1. Virtual annual meeting or in person?

2. Pay for Groups.IO for last year and for the future?

3. Tell us what shows you're interested in participating in.

I hope you're all well. Geoff

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