Re: T-Trak setup?

Brian Hilgenberg

Weekdays are best for me Geoff, I'm busy the next few weekends.Brian

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 9:48:58 AM EDT, Geoff Dunn via <geoffdunnsoccer@...> wrote:

The T-Trak setup scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled.  And here's my can-you-believe-it reason - the garage door broke last night and I can't get the car out.  The garage door company will be here tomorrow between noon and four to fix the door, and I think it will take several hours.  Sorry, Brian, and anyone who was planning to decide tonight, we need to reschedule.

Tomorrow was bad timing for several people anyhow.  Would anyone like to suggest a better time?  This weekend is out for me.  The next weekend is Father's Day (6/20, as late as it can be), so that Sunday is out.  Weekday afternoons are often good for me.  Any thoughts, anyone?


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