T-Trak setup?

Geoff Dunn

There are no train shows scheduled until November. That means no T-Trak layouts till then, as well. Would any of you vaccinated types like to set up some T-Trak modules in my garage for a few hours? Wednesday, June 9th, at 3:00, seems like a good time, especially for the retired people.

I have two new wide corners (17" or so square) that I've tested but would like to run in a layout. If Brian comes, we can check out the new club bridge. Any new modules are welcome for testing. Space will be limited but we can set up a decent layout.

Rules - you must be vaccinated, face masks may be worn but are not required, reasonable social distancing is appreciated, the garage door will be open and ventilation will be running, limit of four members plus myself, no comments about the stuff in the other half of the garage...

We can easily fit a 12' layout in the garage. If it rains, we can go a little bit under a tarp into the driveway. If it's nice, I have some pop-up tents and we can go even farther into the driveway. I have two 6' tables; can anyone else bring a table or two?

If people are in the mood, we can get pizza and run trains through dinner-time.

Please let me know if you're interested. We also can do it again later in the summer, on a weekend when more people may be able to attend.


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