Re: [AlbanyNTra k] Checking in - how is everyone?



That is very cool. Are those cars with headlights all Woodland Scenics Just Plug or something else? I once came across lit cars where East Coast Circuits modified some Classic Metal Works Cars with lights installed. They were at Trainlife a year or two ago. (Out of stock there now.)

A long time ago (pre-Covid) I visited Trainlife/Exact Rail in Utah when I was there for an NMRA Convention. Besides their great stuff, they are known for being the location where one of Pelle Soeborg's Union Pacific layouts was set up after he dismantled it in Denmark and sent it to them in a shipping container. He did build it as a sectional layout as the subject of a Kalmbach book, and the workmanship is truly outstanding, as you would expect from layouts they publish.

Be well,

John Henry

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