Re: Checking in - how is everyone?


Geoff, Thank you so much for asking and checking in with us. Still working hard. Not retired like most of you. While our office has been attached to the home forever and we are used to WFH (Work From Home), we are finding that many of our vendors / work partners have different levels of quality and often low efficiency with WFH (Work From Home), and in general most work tasks take much longer than pre-plague. Long hours. But we are very grateful to have the work and are not complaining. Just making an observation. And we feel for the millions who have lost their jobs and livelihood. (or died or have to deal with long Covid.)

So we are not yet vaccinated and being very careful about isolation, etc. Will not travel (fly, train, uber, etc.), stay in a hotel or dine indoors, etc. We also have fortunately not caught Covid either, but have several friends who have with long term effects, like Steven mentioned. Steven, we are so sorry to hear about your Covid experience and wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

Other than studying railroad history and a little armchair modeling, no progress to speak of with the railroad. Did start a project of the DC to DCC conversion with Digitrax, but not far into it. And DCC is not yet running at all.

My other hobby ice sailing had a great year with two weeks on the Hudson River ice at Athens NY and four days at Bantam Lake in Litchfield CT.

I just want to caution you all on your vaccines, since we have some close friends who are high up in the medical and health care world and give us "an insider's view." When you are vaccinated, you can still carry Covid-19 and transmit the disease you others, including your loved ones. You can still get the disease yourself. But the vaccines should keep you off the ventilator and out of the ICU.

Be well, all,

John Henry

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