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Rod Mason

Hi everyone,

All is well on my end. Karen and I got our 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine 2 weeks ago today at the Walgreen's in Colonie. We have an appointment to go back on 3/27/2021 to get the 2nd dose. We've been pretty much "sheltering in place" for the last year with the "highlight" of the week being a visit during "senior hours" to Hannaford, Market 32 or Target to purchase essentials. We did manage to get away last fall for a week to the condo where we always stay that's between Eagle Bay and Inlet in the western Adirondacks near Old Forge after receiving assurances from the operators that the condo would be thoroughly sanitized prior to our arrival. We've also "cheated" a little by exchanging visits with our son and his family, who live less than five miles away from us. It's pretty safe because my son, Scott, primarily works from home in his job as Manager, Engineering at Spectrum News, and when he does go into the station, he stays in his office and conducts any meetings on a virtual basis. Scott's wife, Abby, is a stay-at-home Mom, and neither of their two children (i.e. Addie, 3 or Cooper, 9 months) do anything outside the house.

Both Karen and I have been keeping busy with our various hobbies (i.e. Karen with her dollhouses and me, with coin collecting, jigsaw puzzles, genealogy, and, of course, model railroading). In regard to model railroading, I haven't done very much on my main (non-modular) layout other than some track work improvements. The same is true for my T-trak modular setup, which I keep in place between shows and takes-up three 6-ft folding tables. The most recent improvement in modules that I made just prior to the shutdown last March, was a complete overhaul of my inside corner module that previously depicted the outside of a drive-in movie theatre and now depicts both the outside and inside of a drive-in movie theatre with a DVD player showing the movie "Unstoppable", an animated sign, cars with working lights, a snack bar, playground and projection shed (see attached photos--the 2nd photo includes a passing locomotive rebadged with the A&WVR logo from the movie). I have to give credit to Forest Bevins (UMR) for the redesign as it was based on a similar module that he's displayed at various train shows in the past. I also have to apologize if you've seen these photos before either on my Facebook page or in past intra-club emails.

Most of my activities relating to model railroading have involved, what else, but buying more stuff on eBay, especially rolling stock! With regard to locomotives, my most exciting purchase was a Broadway Limited GE ES44AC CP 9350 Red w/ White Paragon3 Sound/DC/DCC, which is my first venture into a sound=equipped locomotive. My other significant purchases have been 25 of MTL's State Car series. I just started-out buying cars for the 20 states that I've visited until I came to California and discovered that cars for CA were going for up to $85! I then stopped at 25 cars (half the 50 states) as the train was getting way to long for either of my layouts. Hopefully, I'll be able to display some of my new acquisitions at a show later this year. In the meantime, please all stay well!


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Hello everybody. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I trust people are healthy, safe, and now some of you are getting the vaccine.

I've had one shot, have been working on three TTrak corners for most of the last year, and doing a little on my HO layout. Lots of other stuff is keeping me busy.

Let us know how things are going.

For those who belong to the NTrak national group, this is also a reminder about "ZoomTrak" this afternoon at 4:00.


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