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Hi Geoff. Doing well now, but the last couple of months have been rough. Got the virus in mid December. Mild symptoms for a couple of days, no Meds prescribed by Dr. Two weeks out of quarantine I had a mild stroke and heart attack when the virus messed with my blood chemistries. BP, Glucose, Colesterol, White cell and Platelet counts all went haywire. had to go on blood thinners. Had to have stents inserted in my heart arteries. No residuals from the stroke. Have antibodies now but have to wait at least 90 days from original diagnosis to get the shots after next week. Tell your guys to watch out for after effects of the virus should they be unfortunate enough to get it.

Stephen Walsh

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Hello everybody.  Just checking in to see how everyone is doing.  I trust people are healthy, safe, and now some of you are getting the vaccine.

I've had one shot, have been working on three TTrak corners for most of the last year, and doing a little on my HO  layout.  Lots of other stuff is keeping me busy.

Let us know how things are going.

For those who belong to the NTrak national group, this is also a reminder about "ZoomTrak" this afternoon at 4:00.


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