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Matt Rossman

Hi All,

Any type of meeting is fine with me. I’m local to you Geoff and I know Schodack has a pavilion that can be rented, my grandparents church (in Muitzeskill) also has an outdoor pavilion area that we could use.

I know I’m not current on dues, but I’d like to join for the coming year. I had also talked to you about storing the club outside 4’ corners and I could do so again if you wanted.

Best regards,

Matt Rossman

On Sep 12, 2020, at 1:10 PM, Geoff Dunn via <> wrote:

Hi everyone. This is kind of long; feel free to grab a beverage and read it leisurely.

Every year, late in September, we get together for a big blowout party and annual meeting, or at least a meeting. Every other year, we have elections too. The blurb from the by-laws about all this is at the bottom of this note.

We can't easily meet in person this year, although on a warm dry day we could meet outside somewhere. The local NMRA group has rented a pavilion at Thacher Park for a meeting / clinic on September 26th. We could do something similar. Can anyone suggest a location where we can meet outside and stay socially distant? I suppose even my driveway is an option, if people like a cracked blacktop seating area. I have pop-up tents if people want shade or there's a drizzle. Or we can do a Zoom or Google Meet meeting. She-who-must-be-obeyed has run many Zoom meetings; Laura could set one up for us too. It's limited to 40 minutes, as a free program.

It's also an election year. Currently, Rod is treasurer, Mark is VP, and I'm president. We're supposed to vote in person by paper ballot, which we can still do if we find a place to meet outside. Otherwise, we'll have to waive the requirement. I nominate the current officers for office again. Other nominations will be accepted until the day before the meeting (since this meeting notice is late, I suggest that we ignore the 9/1 deadline for nominations).

Only those who are current on dues can vote. Since we waived dues last year, that means only those who paid up in 2018 can vote. I think. Any other interpretations of that? I have had no applications for membership since last September, but some previous members didn't pay in 2018.

At some point, we had talked about making the officers' terms three years. I can't find any indication that we actually voted and approved that by-law change.

Dues were waived last year. I would like to reduce them to $5 for the coming year. We'll vote on that during the meeting.

I went through old messages (this is why I like Groups.IO and previously Yahoo Groups) to verify stuff for this year's meeting. One thing we discussed two years ago was this:
"We talked about increasing our membership. One possibility is to become involved in the Boy Scouts' Railroad merit badge. We mentioned using some of our funds to purchase materials for T-Trak modules and work with scouts to complete a module. These could be set up with us at a show or at a private event. Other ideas for increasing membership are welcome."
We haven't pursued that, unless someone did it privately. Does anyone want to volunteer to contact a Boy Scout / Cub Scout / Girl Scout group to start this up? We could have multiple projects going on at once, as long as we don't stretch our manpower too thin. Scouts will be able to meet in person again, someday...

We talked last year about all the club stuff in my garage, shed, and house, in particular the club corners, the Bob Gatland lift bridge, and Brian Emerson's module. Does anyone have thoughts on what to do with those? I also have the DCC stuff and skirting and other things, but we use those items more often. My wonderful and tolerant wife would like me to clean out some things. Brian Emerson, if you're listening, do you object if we appropriately dispose of your most excellent module?

Neither the Poughkeepsie show nor the PCC show have officially been cancelled. My bet is they will be. But I suppose we should plan for them happening. Mark, anything on Poughkeepsie? I'll contact the PCC organizer. That has traditionally been like a sardine can; I'm not sure I personally want to set up there if it's like normal.

We did buy the T-Trak bridge module, discussed earlier in the year. Brian H has the kit and may have completed it by now. Brian, any status for us?

Suggestions for any other topics for the annual meeting are welcome.

From the by-laws (available at
III. The club shall have three officers - a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer.    Elections shall be held every other September.    Terms shall start October 1st, and shall be for two years.    Nobody shall hold an office for more than two consecutive terms.    After a two year absence from a specific office, a member may hold that office for another two terms (four years).    Nobody may hold more than one office at a time.    Nominations for candidates for an office may be made by any member.    Members may nominate themselves. Nominations must be made by September 1st.    Balloting shall be by paper ballot, to provide some measure of confidentiality.    Members must be present at the election in order to vote for officers or changes to by-laws.    A majority vote of those present shall be necessary to elect officers or approve by-law changes.    If no candidate for an office receives a majority of the votes, there shall immediately be a runoff election of the top two vote getters.    If there is a tie vote, the member with the longest tenure as a member shall win.    The meeting will be held on the last Sunday in September, at a location and time chosen by the president.    The date may be changed by the president if it is inconvenient for a substantial number of members.    In non-voting years, an annual meeting shall still be held on this date, for club business and comraderie.    The president may call other meetings as needed for discussions, work sessions, and comraderie.

Please respond to the group if you have thoughts on any of the above topics, or if you wish to add something. Thanks.


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