S-Scale stuff for sale

Geoff Dunn

Some of you may remember Skip Canaday. Most of you probably don't, as he hasn't been involved in the club since our second or third show, 25+ years ago. He is cleaning out his house in East Greenbush, and has uncovered various N-Scale and S-Scale trains. I sort of volunteered to help him get rid of things.

If anyone has interest in the S-Scale stuff, please email me off-list and I'll send the summary of what's available when I have gone through it.

Since the list of N-Scale stuff will probably be of more interest to this group, it will be posted here when it is done. There are also a few years worth of Model Railroader and Mainline Modeler magazines, and numerous D&H books and some other books.

Again, if you are interested in the S-Scale stuff, please email me off-list.


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