Re: Fall shows

Brian Hilgenberg

Hi all,
  I'm disappointed but not surprised about the shows; nothing to look forward to the rest of the year. (Except for the Kato 20th Century Limited).
 Anyhow, I heartily recommend the Zoom meetings.   Saturday, I did a Zoom presentation for the CRHS; "Selkirk in the seventies" and "Tales from the River".  I also attend the European Train Enthusiasts Zoom meeting every Monday night.  Perhaps we could have a monthly meeting?
While digging through my stuff for the CRHS presentation, I found this picture full of young people.  It's from a film photo, so it's prior to 2006.  I don't recognize the venue, anybody remember?
I've been kicking around the idea of constructing large T-trak end loops.  They would use the 15" and 13-3/4" curves and be made of  2" foam to reduce weight.   The modules would stick out over the edge of the tables, but the feet would be inset to rest on the tables.   Though I like the portability of T-trak, I miss the large radius curves on our N-trak layouts. Comments?

BTW, "Tales" now has website:
I've got about half the issues posted and a quarter of the captions written.  After that, I'm going to start turning six composition books' worth of notes into a website about N-scale freight cars.
Brian Hilgenberg

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