Re: Name change? #poll


I understood what Doug understood.

Also, Mike, a thousand years ago, when I had time to bring a module to shows, I built and brought a Bend Track module (at your suggestion, even, when you were Club President) instead of an N-Trak module. Our Club name "Albany N-Trak" was in no way exclusionary to other formats and as President then you encouraged inclusion of all N Scale modular formats that could be fitted, which I think the club still does.

We are such a small club and I think it would just start to become confusing if some people wear "Albany N-Trak" shirts, others wear T-Trak" shirts and others "Albany NGineers" shirts.

The "N-Trak" "BRAND" is a really big tent that lets lots of others under it. It gives instant recognition of "N Scale Modular Railroading," which is what we are in, a really short concise name that is widely recognized. A one word name instead of a 4 word name that is descriptive. Like Kleenex instead of "soft facial tissues." Most people don't worry about which "sub format" (N-Trak, T-Trak, Twin-Track, Bend Track, One Track, etc.) gets used. By all means run as many T-Trak layouts as people want, but just stay inclusionary.

Now if only someone would build one of those T-Trak to N-Trak helix adapters that I saw in the Newsletter.... Just sayin'

Be well,

"John Henry"

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