Re: T-Trak arch bridge modules


Geoff,  It's not a duh moment.  The palpable stress levels around this pandemic does that to most people.
While I like the Ngineers thought, I think that both N-Trak and T-Trak have a national brand name recognition that we could never achieve on our own, so to me it makes more sense to me to piggy back off that national brand name recognition.  If N-Trak or T-Trak people should be transferred by an employer to the Albany area or just move here, we would show up more in searches, etc.  I also don't think that one excludes the other.  In the evolution of the standard first came N-Trak, then much later T-Trak.  So I don't think you have to throw out one for the other. 

Rather than reinvent the wheel, maybe we should look at how other clubs and National integrate or deal with the two standards.  My usual go to is NVN-Trak (North Virginia N-Trak).  They are very active in T-Trak, but when I look at their website have not re-branded or changed the club name, at least not yet.  But I don't have any insight beyond that.
"John Henry"

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