Re: T-Trak arch bridge modules

john valachovic

I like it too. On a different note, week after week, we are getting more likes on our Facebook page.  I have not been pushing content at all. We really should try to push content.  The fact is. More and more with a lot of hobbies, including ours, Facebook has taken over the roles of forums, groups etc. There has been some anecdotal information that younger hobbiests are much more active through Facebook and YouTube.  If we are looking to try to recruit more members,  particularly younger members,  this could be a good avenue.  Just my 2cents, I understand some of members are reluctant to go this way for various reasons and i respect that. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

-------- Original message --------From: Michael Romanowski <> Date: 4/9/20 6:14 PM (GMT-05:00) To: Subject: Re: [AlbanyNTrak] T-Trak arch bridge modules I like it. > On Apr 9, 2020, at 5:19 PM, Brian Hilgenberg via <> wrote:> >  New name.  Hmmm...  Albany Ngineers?> Brian Hilgenberg> > >    On Thursday, April 9, 2020, 3:35:22 PM EDT, Geoff Dunn via <> wrote:> > Currently, the club does the following:> TTrak - PCC (March)> TTrak - ALCo (April)> N-Trak - Poughkeepsie (November)> TTrak - PCC (November)> TTrak - GTE (November)> and TTrak - Glens Falls (dates vary).> > So one out of six shows annually uses N-Trak modules, or 17%.> > Geoff> > > > >

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