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Greetings to John and the rest of the group members! I am Mark from
Colonie, and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about N-trak
and model railroading.

In my lifetime I have built (but never completed) one N scale layout.

That's it.


Space for a layout has always been an issue; and now that I have the
space, it is a very wet space, so we have been working for six years
to reduce the moisture in our basement.

For years I have waited for the opportunity to build the "Gulf Summit
Lines/Susquehanna Valley Railway" from the Atlas 'Nine N Scale
Railroads' book. Maybe one of these days...

My latest 'bug' has been to reproduce the Hogwarts Express (from the
Harry Potter series) in N scale. I'd love to put this together in
N-trak modules, from King's Cross Station to Hogsmead, including the
Glenfinnan Viaduct. This will likely require four or five separate
modules, and the rest of my life to complete! Of course, one of the
main challenges is that N-trak requires two mainlines and one branch
line, but the Hogwarts Express route was predominantly on a single
track. This is where picking the brains of those who have been
involved in N-trak for many years comes into play - you folks likely
know some tricks that I will never come up with on my own!

Well, that's my story. I'm sure this forum will be a lot of fun and
very informative for me.

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Welcome everyone!

Some basic rules:

1. Feel free to post photos, but please police yourselves on how much
memory you take up.

2. Feel free to add links, the first one is my other Yahoo group for
the Albany Main.

3. Feel free to post other files, but again police yourselves on your
use of memory.

4. Feel free to post items for sale or that you are looking for.

5. Please watch your lanquage and tempers, remember we are all

6. Feel free to use this as a blog, write your own reviews, features
anything else you want.

7. We can set up polls to get some "market" research done in our

8. I need to figure out how to use it, but there is a calendar
function also.


Any question please contact me. NO IM'S DURING WORK HOURS PLEASE, MY


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