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Michael Richards


I will bring my usual (2) doubles.

Mike Richards 

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Per the below email from James Lauser, GTE coordinator, he needs to know ASAP how many tables we need to accommodate the number of T-Trak modules that we will be bringing to this year’s show.  Last year we used seven (7) 6-ft. tables and had 39 modules to display.  So far this year, only Brian has responded positively to my & Geoff’s calls for modules (Brian plans to bring his usual  9 modules filling about 8-ft. of space).   I plan to bring about the same complement of modules as Brian plus whatever modules are needed to complete the layout (and can fit in my car).  That means at this point that we only have enough modules to fill about three (3) 6-ft. tables—a truly measly display and hardly worth our participation in this year’s show!




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Hey Rod. No worries about the delay.


The sooner you can give me an exact dimension the better, but if you could give me a rough guess now, that would be helpful. The G-scale guys can't make it this year, so honestly I can probably give you as much space as your can find modules to fill. If you're going to be bringing your T-Track modules and need us to supply tables, I will need a count of those as soon as possible as well.


The only thing that I would ask that you do immediately is fill out the parking forms and get them either back to me or directly to OGS.. You can download the form here:


Thanks, and I'm looking forward to having you in a few weeks.

--  James L. Lauser


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Hi James,


I’ve been appointed to be Albany N-Trak’s coordinator again for this year’s GTE.  I’ve just been advised by Geoff Dunn, our club President, that we have missed the November 1st deadline for advising you of how much floor space that we need for this year’s show.  In this regard, I did put out a call for modules to our members a couple of weeks ago and have not received any responses to date.  I believe there are several reasons for this lack of any responses.  First of all, the club is very busy in November with our participation in shows for the next three weekends (i.e. Poughkeepsie on 11/10, UMR show on 11/16 and the PCC show on 11/23).  The effect of the UMR show on 11/16 has been particularly impactful as more than half of the modules displayed at last year’s GTE were provided by UMR members.  Also, this is the first year that UMR will be having their show in November rather than December as in past years when their show was one week after GTE.  Another reason for the lack of response from our members is probably a function of the timing of this year’s show falling on Thanksgiving weekend with many of our members travelling out of town.


Before I send out a second call for modules, do you have a “drop dead” date when you will have to have a response or has that date already passed?  If so, I guess we will be shut out of this year’s show.  Thanks.


Rod Mason

Albany N-Trak

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