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john valachovic

As Matt said, we do have a Facebook page, I have not had a lot of time to administer it but it generates quite a bit of traffic and people especially from other clubs contact us through it.  It is a fairly open page (public).  I also administer/own a couple other pages on Facebook.  One is a private page for our Boy Scout Troop that you can not find without being invited.  You are able to upload files and search them along with photos etc in much the same way Yahoo Groups works.  There also can be a private Albany NTRAK page for members only.  There can be an email interface that sends messages to email, I have shut this feature off on my Facebook account due to the numbers of pages I belong to so I have not used in it a while.  By the way, I was kind of hoping someone that is more active in the club would be interested in being an administrator for the current Facebook group.

All of this is moot as I am sure we have members that have no interest in joining Facebook.  Facebook gets a bad rap, partially justified.  People have lots of horror stories about the sister-in-law airing her dirty laundry on the Facebook or raging flame wars about politics and religion etc, all of this is true but you are never required to join in and the same flame wars happened on Yahoo Groups and Forum pages that were so popular years ago.  I find that Facebook is a powerful tool for lots of different things.  Everything that was available on the old forum pages and Yahoo Groups is now on Facebook and more.  I belong to groups about Pre-Depression Era freight cars, the D&H, The NYC, Historical Societies in most of the towns the Raquette Lake Railway ran through, N Scale pages, Weathering pages, Dutch oven Cooking pages, campfire cooking pages and lots of other things I'm interested in. I am able to share photos and information about my kids with extended family all over the country without using emails and I am able to keep updated, people that are interested in my layout's construction, quickly and easily.  Yes, you can end up with friend requests and suggestions from all sorts of people, especially as with me, you are involved with youth organizations but you can decline those.  Because of how the algorithms work, friends are suggested based on who you are already friends with,  so friends of my kids are suggested, I have a pretty solid rule to not be friends on Facebook with minors unless they are blood relatives.  You can also dial your personal page way down so that people that are not friends with you can not see what is on your page. You can also unfollow anyone that you do not want to hear from or not be friends with them in the first place.

I have plenty of problems with the way information is gathered and sold by Facebook but Google is every bit as bad if not worse.  Unfortunately that camel's nose is already under the tent.  Moving to a Google platform may temporarily prolong our ability to mimic the things we like about the Yahoo Group but I think in the future that will fade too.  Just my two cents 

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Facebook does not provide the same functionality as Yahoo groups.  My experience is that it is much harder to search for past messages.  The photo section may be similar, but I don't see a way to post documents.  If you're not a Facebook member, you get constant messages to join or login.  I'm not aware of a way to get an email when postings are made to the page.

I have a particular distrust of Facebook, based on past experiences (it wanted me to "friend" a bunch of young teenage girls several years ago, among other issues), and there's the whole 2016 election thing, and all the privacy issues that have been in the news over the last decade).

I don't think Facebook is a suitable alternative. is similar in many ways to Yahoo groups (but it runs more reliably!) and would be a better option.


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