Re: Renowned Rensselaer Model Railroad To Move to Publicly Accessible Location

Dave Sefcik

Thanks for sharing this Rod. My dad and I visited the layout years ago and it left a lasting impression.

On another topic - some of you may recall that prior to my leaving the Berkshires I had a real estate client who was considering selling his house which housed a basement sized N scale railroad. The layout had been a life long project for the previous owner. I received a phone call from the current owner the other day saying that the house is now under contract and he must remove the layout for the new owner. He had contacted me to ask about disposing of all the rolling stock, locomotives and buildings. He is aware that once those items are removed that the remainder of the layout itself will need to be removed with a reciprocating saw and into a dumpster. If there is a member(s) that would be interested in getting in touch with the owner to possibly purchase these items please let me know ASAP and I'll put you in touch with him. He has a rapidly approaching deadline to ready the house for the closing. I can't provide many details other than there were a large number of cars and locos of various styles and road names many of which had current couplers. All of the locos were non-DCC as he had used an early version of walk-around, untethered, throttles. There were many, many buildings none of which appeared to be fixed in place thus allowing for easy removal. The only thing that I ask is that I do not want to send a bus load of people to him. I'd be best if one or two people would visit and possibly split the cost. The value would be whatever you felt was fair as the current owner has no idea of the value. 


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