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Michael Romanowski

I see 4/7/19 in the original email then 4/17/19 in a later one. Which day is it? 

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Mike, I went back and looked at emails from last month and you are correct that you responded and indicated that you will be able to bring modules to the Alco show in April.  Do you know how many modules you will be bringing and how you would like them arranged?  Also, would you be able to bring any 6’ or 8’ tables for the show?  I apologize for not recalling your email from last month.  Thanks.  Rod


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I had responded some weeks ago Rod. I am not sure if you didn’t see it or it did not go through, I am planning to be at the Alco show with modules, Mike L.


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Hi All,


As of today, we only have 2 “yeses” (Mike Richards & myself) and 1 “maybe” (Mark Fleischauer) for participants in the Alco Show in Amsterdam on 4/17/2019.  As the deadline for responding to the organizers is next week (i.e. 3/13/2019), I need to know ASAP if anyone else is planning to bring modules (& tables) to the show.  Thanks.




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I just received in last week’s mail the attached letter from the ALCO Historical & Technical Society (AHTS) announcing this year’s Rails Along the Mohawk train show to be held on Sunday, April 7, 2019 from 10 am until 3 pm at the Riverfront Center in Amsterdam.  Included with the letter was an Exhibitor Registration Form  (attached) with a deadline for return of March 13, 2019.  In this regard, Geoff has asked me to canvass the members to see who is interested in participating in this year’s show?  Per the attached diagram from last year’s show, we only had 5 members participate (if we include Geoff’s contribution of 2 junction modules) for a total of 24 modules arranged on three (3) 8’ tables.  Of the 24 modules, Dave Sefcik brought 7 of the modules and 2 of the tables.  With Dave gone, if we have a response this year similar to last year’s, we’ll barely have enough modules to occupy a 3rd table.  Please let me know by March 6th if you are interested in participating in this year’s show and, if so, what modules you will be bringing and also if you can bring any tables (the organizers provide each exhibitor with one free 8’ table + Geoff let us have the table provided to his Free-mo group last year.  Additional tables are available from the organizers @ $12/table.). Thanks.





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