Re: Backup DCC system

Michael Romanowski

Brian the outside line is the red line. The inside line is the yellow line. 
Kato has blue and white wires. The TTrak standard for wiring is from the front of the module. Red line first rail = blue wire. 
Red line inside rail= white wire. 
Yellow line outside rail= white wire
Yellow line inside rail = blue wire. 
Two leads come out the back of the module. We tape some red tape for the red line and yellow tape for the inside yellow line. 
Now I’m assuming you want to run DC on the inside line. So I would not touch that wiring. 
I would attach the blue and white wires to the outside red line for connection to DCC. 
Hope that helps. 

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And speaking of DCC, I need to add the connections to a couple of my T-trak modules.  After studying the setup at the GTE, I purchased some Unitrak terminals and extension cords.  Before I start, I need to know which color wire to connect to each rail.  I also heard references to "red" and "yellow" lines, so I need to know which is which.

Brian Hilgenberg

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