Please send letters and spread the word

Alan Kardon

Hi everyone,
I have posted this on Facebook. I have sent letters to the Governor, Mayor Sheehan, Albany, Mayor Madden, Troy. Did I miss anyone else to send? If they receive enough voice, mail and email concerns about this they may do something about remedying this situation. 

Dear (various),                         RE: RPI Train Exhibit
Please do something to preserve this Historical Masterpiece,
This presentation is a historical monument to the Capital Region, State and Country. It is being forced to move without any place set to rebuild. Another part of our history is possibly being lost forever. Has any group contacted the Governor, Local Mayors, National Model Railroad Association? With all the VACANT properties owned by Government we should be able to find a permanent home for this magnificent structure.
Hope you will be able do something positive about this terrible situation.
Thank you for your time,
Alan Kardon


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