South Glens falls show this Sunday.

Michael Romanowski

Perhaps we can eliminate the inside corner issue by making a large square with the TNT track on Sunday. The  Upstate Model Railroaders have four outside corners and plenty of straight modules to facilitate this. We could store our stuff inside the square but operate from outside it to eliminate the need to crawl under the tables.

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In the original T-Trak specs, it was mentioned that an outside corner could be used as an inside corner if necessary. As with my pictures, if a 29mm straight piece is added to my inside corner, it will change the alignment of the rest of the modules which is the problem we have with our layouts. Put two outside corners together, then try to join them with two inside corners with the straight piece's and you will see the difference. the modules if built square should not be at angles where they join, and should not be forced together.

Stephen Walsh 

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I didn't know Hunter Harrison wrote an auto-biography.  And I assume he self-published it too.

I'm curious about the inside corners not lining up exactly.  If the module tracks are the right length, everything should line up, unless a section gets pushed one way or the other.  Can you or anyone else provide more detail?

Thanks.  Geoff

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You will be pleased to know that I purchased enough Kato stuff to equip my modules with plugs for DCC as well as DC jumpers.  Sadly, that's all I bought at the show.  I couldn't find a CSX patch to sew onto my Grinch T-shirt, and I passed on the book chronicling Hunter Harrison's railroading genius.

   If we're going to raise the modules a half inch, I'm also going to have to replace all my leg bolts as mine are too short.  Fortunately, my kid works at Lowe's so I can get a 10% discount. 

  However, there is another problem with geometry involving the inside corners.  The modules tended to come apart as they didn't line up exactly.  I did think of a potential solution; equip one end of a one-foot module with telescoping tracks.  This will allow us to leave a gap between modules for better alignment. I will add the telescoping tracks to my flying saucer module when I try re-wiring it so it only goes off when somebody pushes the button.

I won't be able to work Glens Falls, but I'll try to stop by if I'm home that day.

Brian H

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