Re: ALCO/Amsterdam Show

Rod Mason



I would be willing to be the coordinator for the Alco/Amsterdam Show on April 8th.  However, since I haven’t coordinated a show before, I’ll need some guidance on what’s required of the coordinator.


Regarding my preference between Ttrak and Ntrak, I vote for Ttrak.  If it’s Ttrak, I would be bringing 7-10 modules depending on what’s needed. 


Please let me know what needs to be done prior to March 14th if the club decides that we’re participating.  Thanks.




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The club is need of a coordinator for the above show. The show date is April 8. The deadline for letting the organizers know we would attend is March 14. Last year we had a great Ttrak layout and I'd like to see the club do that again this year. 


A few  questions 


     - Is their a volunteer to coordinate?

     - Ttrak or Ntrak?

     - Who will attend and bring modules?




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