GTE Wrap up

Dave Sefcik

I want to thank everyone that attended, brought modules or just helped out with today's GTE show. The layout looked good, we ran a lot of trains and I heard a lot of positive comments from the public. It was great having John's yard to stage or just park trains. I don't know for certain but it seemed to me that public attendance at the show was down. Maybe that was just my impression.

A few of other things:

Geoff - I have the club DCC system, cables, DC controllers, KATO club train and box of skirts, track, etc. I'll bring the DCC system next week Sunday and can either bring the skirts etc or keep them until Columbia Greene.

Geoff (as treasurer) - Doug D gave me his dues. I'll give them to you next week.

Geoff (boy aren't you popular) - please order one of the Digitrax Wi-Fi controllers for the club. We've now used that for three shows (I'm pretty certain we had it at Poughkeepsi) and it's worked flawlessly. I'd be OK if you order one for yourself and just make the one you already have the club's. Rod brought his today. It's way better than having to haul a laptop, router, etc.

All - Someone left a roll of narrow cork on a table. I have it and will be happy to bring it along next week.

All - Before Columbia Greene I would urge everyone to check their track work and wiring to get rid of any gremlins like track misalignments (I have at lest two were my modules join each other), frogs shorting, etc. I believe one of the two DC loops was completely dead. I'll leave that one up to the DC experts to address but it could've simply been a bad connection. 

Another constant problem that I'd really like to see go away is the all too frequent shorts which interrupt operation. I found it hard at times to switch on my modules with the frequent screech of the alarms and the stop/start caused while the system resets. I don't know what the solution is but I'll be the first to say it's very annoying. Maybe there's a DCC wizard in the club that can offer ways to work around the issue.

Lastly I hope to see a lot of you next week for the Up State T-trak show. For those of you that I don't see next week I wish you a happy holiday season.


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