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Michael Richards

Hi Geoff, yes I am bringing my 2 double T- Trak modules to Glens Falls. Has the decision been made about setting up on Saturday yet? I would vote for the early set up.

Mike Richards 

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I have a first draft for the UMRR show T-Trak layout on Sunday, December 10th.  It's in the Photos area.  .  The red lines are there to mark half-tables, because the program I use to draw things makes it difficult to mark full 8' tables.

I couldn't fit all of everyone's modules into the layout.  We have way more corners than we need for a large layout, and we have a lot of module sets that make it challenging to design a layout.

There are some interesting things in this layout - Mike L. has some old-school narrow spacing modules, I have the T1 junctions, Mike L. has the corner junction, and we'll try a "wide table" for part of the layout (on the left side of the diagram).  This is two tables side by side, so we can have a little space in the middle and a little extra room around the outside of the modules.  You may have seen this done in Springfield or other locations.  We will have about five extra feet of table space on that end of the layout.  I think there is a crossover between Red and Yellow on each power district.  We have four power districts in the design.

Mike Richards, are you bringing your two double modules?  Al, Neil, Matt, Fred, Andrew or anyone else with modules - you're all welcome to bring modules.  But please let me know.

I have table covers, aka black sheets, for four tables.  If anyone else has a table cover, please bring it.

Please look this over and let me know if you see any issues or have suggestions for improvements.  Thanks.

Forest, we'll need eight tables for this layout design.


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I hope you all had a good holiday, not too much food and not too much stress.

Forest asked me to coordinate the layout for the UMRR show.  Please let me know what you'd like to bring.  Dave, I have your module list, and I know what I'd like to bring.  Everyone else - please tell me.

Does anyone want to set up on Saturday?


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This years UMRR Show is December 10th with set up on the 9th for those wanting to bring t-trak modules up then. This year the Albany T-Trak  layout will be the premier layout and can be as large as we want to make it. I need to know who is attending and what modules you will be bringing so I can plan the layout and how many table we will need.

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