Re: T-Trak Wiring Spec for Albany NTRAK



The NTrak wiring specs are in the NTrak Manual, which can be downloaded from

on the publications page.  First wiring references start on page 4, but most are from page 8 on.  What will be confusing is that there is reference to both the use of Cinch-Jones and to PowerPole connectors.  For NTrak, you should only build new modules with PowerPoles.  On page 8 of the Manual, it refers to this as an NTrak Alternate Wiring Recommended Practice (RP), 2005. This RP became a requirement a few years later.  The Cinch-Jones approach was for legacy modules built before I think around 2010.  Those with Cinch-Jones connectors are expected to bring Cinch-Jones for PowerPole adaptor cables to shows, but I think the club has a few spares.  But all new NTrak modules should be built with PowerPole Connectors. 

Also on the website is a DCC Recommended Practices paper compiled by the late Bob Gatland who belonged to our club and was also the founder of Long Island NTrak and served as a Director on the NTrak National Board of Directors. 

Can't speak to TTrak.  But if you are given a choice, PowerPoles are always more reliable than Cinch-Jones. 


"John Henry" Low

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