Amsterdam Alco Show Update & Other topics

Dave Sefcik

The club had a very successful show yesterday in Amsterdam. Mike L. had put together a very creative, and large, T Trak configuration that had three independent loops plus a fourth continuous run around the perimeter. By and large the layout ran flawlessly all day and it appeared that everyone had a good day and I heard numerous positive comments from spectators. I'll be posting some pictures to the the Yahoo group in the next day or two.

A couple of other topics I wanted to run past the membership are:

- The Upstate railroad folks will be having a T Trak show at Aviation Mall on Saturday May 13th and have extended the invitation to any of our members to participate. Please let me or Mike R. know if you can attend as soon as possible.

- I'd like to hold a year end meeting to wrap up the year and discuss a few club topics. John V. has suggested possibly meeting at his house to have the meeting and see his layout progress. Please let me know who would be able to attend and whether a Saturday or Sunday would work the last week of April or the first weekend of May.


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