Re: Greetings.


Nice to hear from you, Matt.  Congrats on the kiddos, and sorry you have moved away.  Did you give up the house in Milan?  I agree with Doug about parenting being more than full time work.  I used to have more time for modelling before our child was born.  Then there was a "sweet spot" between toddler-hood and adolescence where she would/could come to some shows with me.  Although she usually couldn't last the whole time when I did have a module in the show many years ago.  While we would hate to see you go, you might also check the Metro North Division of the NMRA.  THey might have more info as to whether there are any cluds right in Westchester (or Putnam).  Steve might also know, since he lives in Westchester in Yorktown Heights. 

Good luck and we hope to see you again.


"John Henry"

..... somewhere along the Water Level Route of the New York Central

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