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Dave Sefcik

Maybe I'm way off base but I would think that our club setting up a layout is a draw for the show which benefits both the organizer and the vendors. Charging non-vendors for tables seems surprising. Has any other venue ever done this? I'm not suggesting that we not participate but find it odd that in some cases we receive an honorarium for displaying our layouts and in this case we'd effectively be charged to participate. 

That said I have 10' of straight modules, 6' of which must stay contiguous, and also two corners. I'll plan to bring enough tables to support that number of modules.


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I have confirmed our commitment to set up a T-Trak display at the Alco group’s show in the Amsterdam mall Sunday April 9th. The group has a show policy of giving layout exhibitors one table for free and any additional tables are $12.00 each. I have spoke with Craig Armstrong (show coordinator ) and let him know we will take the free table and supply the rest on our own. I don’t see this as a major setback, just something we need to plan for. The show will provide one 8’ table. I have 2-6’ tables and Al Wheeler has 1-6’ table. I would suggest everyone planning to bring modules for this show plan on bringing enough folding tables to carry what ever modules you plan to display. If you do not currently have any folding tables, Wal-Mart has 4’, 6’, and 8’ tables for around $30.00 each.
   Geoff, I know you are planning to set up with the Free-Mo group. If you have room I would love to have your 2 junction modules and the wiring. I also have the two junctions and some wiring, but do not have a heavy feed wire like you have put together. I will provide as many other modules as needed and have five corners as well. Al has said he will bring 2 double modules and an inside corner. Given the situation with the tables please let me know who is still interested in displaying and what you are bringing so I can begin to design the setup, Mike.

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