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I’m not sure if it was clear from my earlier email (attached), that my preference on format for Amsterdam is T-Trak (assuming I can participate at all following my wrist surgery on 3/24/17).




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First a big thank you to John V. for coordinating this past weekend's GCCC show, Geoff D. for coordinating this coming Saturday's PCC show and Mike L. for taking on the April 9th Amsterdam show. 


One observation of my own is it would help anyone coordinating an event for members to respond quickly when the request goes out for participation. Having to wait until the last minute too know for certain what sort of configuration can be accomplished doesn't help the coordinator finalize and publish to the members a final schematic. 


Keeping with that same theme I know Geoff is waiting to hear final participants for PCC. That's only a few days away so speak up if you'll attend and bring a module or two or ten. 


For the Amsterdam show we need to know the member's desire regarding T Trak vs N Trak. I'm keeping a tally of the votes and so far I have 2 votes for T Trak and 1 vote for N Trak. Please let the group know soon what you desire as to format. 


Happy rails to all,






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At the Columbia Green show I let Dave know I will coordinate the Amsterdam show on April 9th. Geoff has stated he will converse with the show liaison and let them know what we will need for space. Of course he can not do that until we have decided whether we are setting up an N-Trak or a T-Trak layout. Please let me know if you are planning to display modules for this show by the end of this week and let me know what your preference is. Dave has said he prefers N-Trak, I would go either way. The last two years we have setup an N-Trak layout. I am aware Geoff is not bringing any n scale and John has said he is busy that weekend. Mike L.




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