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Yes, I agree with everything Geoff has stated. It was at the GTE show that the fellow dropped off the items. I heard Geoff announce on Sunday to the members present that they should take whatever they wanted. I also agree that if there's anything left after this Saturday that they can go to the whoever will take them. If there's anything left after PCC I'll take them from Geoff so he can stop lugging them around and I'll have a 'FREE' box for the public at the Amsterdam show.


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Responding to several questions and messages...
1. I don't know who made the donation.  Someone came by the layout at the PCC show and asked if we wanted things, and I said yes.  I wasn't at the layout at GTE when the boxes were dropped off.  I actually didn't see the stuff until the end of the show and I don't know what members took.  I ended up with the box because I was the last one in the parking garage.
2. I had announced in a Yahoo group message that these things would be at the CGCC layout, at 11:00.  I brought them out at that time and made an announcement to everyone who was at the layout.  I'm sorry if anyone missed the chance to take things.
3. One member requested a few things based on the picture; I will set them aside.
4. Dave has agreed that we can donate cars to John Cunningham, of the Glens Falls club.  I suggest that we give club members one last chance to take something at the PCC this Saturday.  Anything not taken can go with Mike or Forest for John.  Dave, does that sound ok?


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At the GTE show, someone gave us a few boxes of rolling stock and buildings.  Club members have taken a fair amount of stuff for their use.  A picture of what's left is in the Donations album under the Photos tab on the Yahoo group.  Sorry, Yahoo thinks it looks best upside down.  These, and a few other odds and ends, will be brought to the PCC show this Saturday, in case anyone wants to claim any items.  I feel like a desperate E-Bay seller - please, take these off my hands.

For those who don't use the Yahoo group website, the picture is at:


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