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Dave Sefcik

I'll echo Geoff's comments. Yesterday's show went very well and I think everyone had a good time. Everything seemed to work well and while there weren't a lot of spectators those that did come seemed to enjoy what they saw. A big thanks to everyone that attended and brought modules. I for one really liked having John's large yard. It's great for staging or just parking a train. More good news was I did not personally receive nor hear anyone mention shocks from the rails. Go figure.

We also heard yesterday that the GCCC show is being planned for next year. I spoke with the organizer and he said he was committed to next year but beyond that wasn't certain it would continue.

Geoff has asked for anyone planning to make this coming Saturday's Polish Community Center T Trak show to let him know. I believe there's room for more modules so let us know ASAP.

Finally, we need a show of hands (electronically) of the membership desire for N Trak or T Trak at the Amsterdam show in April 9th. Please let us know which you would prefer and who can commit to attending.


On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 6:54 PM, geoffdunnsoccer@... [AlbanyNTRAK] <AlbanyNTRAK@...> wrote:

I posted a few pictures from Sunday's CGCC show.  They're in an album called
2017_03_05 - Columbia Greene Comm. Collg  in the photos section.

It was a good show.  Sorry you were sick, Doug.


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