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Dave Sefcik

I'd love to have your yard modules. Together with the duck under it would be nice sized layout and the yard allows for the operational aspects of staging trains, storing trains, and providing a location to pick up and drop off loads as we did at the convention.


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Anybody that is a member of the group sees these messages.  That being said, I get them as emails, others may have to log in to the group to see them.  Yahoo has my account so screwed up I can't even get on to all my groups. 

The layout is pretty small on the inside, that is for sure.  I can bring my yard if we really need it.  It is 12' long so we could do something like this:

2' John's Yard (12') 3' (Mike L.)

Rod Duckunder

Geoff Mike L.

2' Dave & Doug (12') 3' (Andy)

This would make a 17' x 14' layout.  I usually don't like to bring so much to the show because it is a short show but I did bring it last year.  

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