Re: Columbia Greene show

Dave Sefcik

With so few shows each year I'd like to see as many modules a possible. 

Rod, could you bring both your modules? I think you have two now.

What about the 4' club duck under? 

By linear do you mean point-to-point with turn arounds? I'd think we could span out into the lobby area that always seems to be empty at GCCC.

Anyone willing to take on coordinating the Amsterdam show on April 9th?


On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 8:58 AM, John Valachovic albanymain@... [AlbanyNTRAK] <AlbanyNTRAK@...> wrote:

So this is what we have:

Dave- 8'
Andy- corner
Doug- 4'
Geoff- 6'
Mike L.- 4' & corner
Rod- 4'
Me- ?

So we have two corners committed. If we add the 2 two foot corners we can just squeeze out a complete layout. 

2' Dave 3' (Mike L. corner)

Geoff Mike L.

2' Doug & Rod 3' (Andy)

This leaves me out, but I'm ok with that.

I thought about linear but we have just enough people where we would be too crowded.

I could bring my 8' and put Mike and Geoff together like this:

2' Dave 3' (Mike)

Geoff & Mike  John

2' Doug & Rod 3' (Andy)

I have no problem not bringing modules as it is already a busy weekend for me.  I can help set up and hang out a bit, maybe even run a train?


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