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Dave Sefcik

Thanks for the clarification John and thank you for coordinating the CGCC show. Let's see how many respond with N Trak modules. I do agree with a comment that Geoff made that if we decide to go T Trak we'll need to be bringing a bunch of our own tables. 

Doug, the CGCC show is March 5th.

All, please reach out to other members that may not be checking the Yahoo Group email to see if they are planning to participate in CGCC also we still need a coordinator for Amsterdam on April 9th.



On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 11:29 AM, John Valachovic albanymain@... [AlbanyNTRAK] <AlbanyNTRAK@...> wrote:


Yes I was asking how much interest is there in a NTRAK layout at CGCC.  Upstate (Glens Falls) is no longer participating with their modules in any NTRAK shows, they are instead are concentrating on T TRAK.  They usually make up at least one side of the layout.  I'm not proposing any long range changes to our shows, I was specifically referring to CGCC.  

As I said, I'm willing to participate, I'm just not willing to bring a truckload of modules so we can have a layout.  It gets to be too much when I'm bringing a lot of modules especially for a little show like this.  The yard is manageable if necessary.  I can't remember if Andy took the corner yet from me. 

Like I said, lets see who else responds, I suggested T TRAK only as an alternative. 

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