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I'm happy to respond to the group. I have two thoughts - first is I'm not buying into the static issue. If this (getting zaps from the rails) was happening a week earlier on a hard wood floor at GTE it's puzzling why it occurred again a week later carpet or not. We've been set up on carpeting before at locations and I've never heard of nor experienced zaps from the rails like I was personally getting yesterday. I think there's a possibility that there's another issue with the Digitrax system. The club DCC system was built into a very nice package for transport but it's been bounced around now for at least two years and it's certainly possible that  a connection has come loose.  Not being one to point out a problem without at least suggesting a solution I'd be happy to pick up the system and do some trouble shooting myself to see if there's anything amiss inside. 

Second I have no issue with the club reimbursing Rod for the fried piece of electronics. I realize it's his personal property but I for one have been very happy to use an old smartphone to control multiple engines seamlessly at many events thanks to Rod's equipment. He's generously brought the equipment and set it up for some time now. I think the $65 is a small price to pay for something that has been used at club events. 

Thoughts, comments. Unless there is some dissent I believe the by-lawas allow the current officers to spend at least that amount of money without a congressional hearing. 

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Rod, and everyone else, we bought a club DCC system so we didn't put anyone's private DCC system at risk at shows.  We planned to purchase a laptop for JMRI using the same reasoning, but it never happened.  We don't have a club policy on this issue.  Dave, as president, should we discuss the request on this public forum or in some other manner?


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I just wanted to let you know that I tested the LocoBuffer-USB that I brought to yesterday’s show when I got home and it appears to have been “fried” by the static electricity at yesterday’s venue.  A replacement is going to cost me about $65.  Is there any chance the club will at least give me partial reimbursement to purchase a new unit since the old unit was damaged at a club show?  Also, are you the keeper of the club’s Digitrax control system including the PR3 computer interface and LocoNet Translator that can be used instead of the LocoBuffer-USB in the future?   However, as I discovered when I tried to use it at yesterday’s show, it needs to have the proper driver installed on the host PC in order to set up the necessary port to allow it to communicate with the control system.  Therefore, I would like to borrow the PR3 (can it easily be removed from the system?) sometime before the CGCC show so I can do the necessary configuring to work with my laptop.  Thanks.




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Four of us brought modules to the Upstate Model Railroaders' annual show yesterday.  We had six tables full of modules.  Pictures have been posted in an album in the photos section.  Anyone else who took pictures, please add to the album.

We had a good time.  There were a few hiccups early on, but the layout looked good, trains ran well, and the crowds were good but not overwhelming.



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