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john valachovic

So are we confirmed for the meeting on the 23rd?  I know some of you said you can't make it.

please consider jobs in the paper industry before you don't print this email!

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We can definitely weigh the idea of switching to DCC on the Blue and Yellow. I'm going to let the next Prez. navigate that one. 

As for the wider radius on the return, the Roundhouse module wasn't really built for large 6 axle engines and modern cars.  I have looked at pulling the switches and trying to ease the curves a bit to allow some bigger equipment through.  I added the fascia to prevent equipment from falling to the floor, it served that purpose at least once during the convention, the draw back is it interfered with some trains, I think especially if someone was trying to use the inside track it caused a problem.  There may be a way to work around that I will try to take a look before the next show it's in.  

I cant even begin to remember when people are available or not at this point.  I would like to propose Sunday October 23rd at 6:30 at the Moe's on Central Ave for our meeting.  Geoff and Doug, how do you suggest we handle elections by proxy?  As stated before, I am not pursuing another term.  I have not seen any other nominations.    

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