Re: Yearly meeting

Michael Romanowski

Please don't pick Columbus Day weekend. Other than that I am usually free. The last weekend in October maybe tight because of birthdays. 

Michael Romanowski
Upstate Model Railroaders

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Since I have a contractor at the house, limiting my freedom to go out and do stuff, I went through the postings on the Yahoo group about dates.  I don't know if anyone contacted John directly.

John is available Oct 7-9, 21-23, 29-30.  Dave is not available any of those dates.  Mark is available Oct 7-9 only.  Mike L. and I have implied we're available any weekend.  Rod is available most weekend nights.  Nobody else has commented on October dates.  October 9th is the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend.

John, may I suggest you pick a date and we'll have to see who can make it.


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