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Dave Sefcik

I thought the two days went very well. The two yards worked very nicely to allow movement of trains between sidings and the yard. I can now see the need for a central controller (dispatcher?) to control the movement of trains through yards and on the mainlines. I'm sure that sort of thing comes over time with more operational experience versus just constant running of trains around the mains. 

It was unfortunate that there wasn't more advertisement (for lack of a better term) offering the operations to attendees.Maybe we would have gotten more interest if folks knew they could come and take part. I don't think it helped that the two HO layouts were basically dormant the entire time. If I was walking by and stuck my head in I might have thought the room was being used for some sort of clinic.

One thing that might help us out for any event is more power blocks to avoid the shut downs caused by shorts. We had several instances where either track gremlins or derailments were causing things to halt. I'm sure those things are just life and we never know when they'll pop up, especially track issues that seem to just come and go, but anything we could do to smooth those interruptions over would be great. 

I hope at future shows we could work on more operations. If we were to dedicate the two inner lines (I can never remember the colors) to DCC we could  hold some operations at least between different sidings on modules even without the large yards. I think there would be members of the public that would find that facet of the hobby interesting since it adds not only realism but the whole switching puzzle aspect. 


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I'm writing up a wrapup for the convention organizers.  I'm curious how people felt about the setup and the two days we were running.  I wrote down some notes about the number of operators and visitors, but they're probably incomplete.

Any thoughts?  Post them here or email me.

Thanks.  Geoff

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