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john valachovic

Should we just push the meeting into October?

please consider jobs in the paper industry before you don't print this email!

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John, I'm about 90% likely to be able to make the meeting.  There's a family committment that day, but I hope to be done with by late afternoon...


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First thing first, thank you to everyone that participated this weekend at the NER convention.  All in all it was a success and it was very useful to have the modules up and running for such an extended period, we had the chance to run a lot of trains and do some operations. 
Second, it is that time of year we have our yearly meeting and hold elections.  We are proscribed by our bylaws to hold this meeting the last Sunday in September.  This would be this next Sunday.  If there are no exceptions, I would like to propose Sunday at 6:30 at Moe's on Central Ave.  I know some folks can not make it. 
Currently I am the President, Geoff is Treasurer and Doug is VP.  I have chosen not to run for another term, my life is too complicated to do the position justice.  I'm not sure of the best way to handle elections, nominations and proxy votes, maybe someone with a more ready knowledge of the by laws can chime in??

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