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Michael Romanowski

What times will we have to be there on Thursday and Friday? 

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Setup, as John said, starts at 7:00 Wednesday night.  Teardown is possibly late Friday night (after 9:30, when the session ends) or Saturday.  I'll double check, but I believe we have until early afternoon to clear out the room on Saturday.

As was also mentioned previously, the room will be reasonably but not totally secure at night.  I will remove the club's DCC setup and my own engines (possibly cars too).  You can leave things or take them as you feel comfortable doing.

I'll get a little more detail on load-in during the week (what doors to use, etc).


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I know this was mentioned in one of the many messages that have been going back and forth but when are we setting up and treating down at the convention? I have the convention schedule so I know the operational times but want to make certain I have specifically the setup time.



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