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Michael Romanowski

Both loops need the adapter to match up with the modules. Each adapter is 2x3. The four foot turnaround is a flat farm scene. The 9 foot turn around is a mountain with a separate logging operation on it. It is in two pieces. 

Michael Romanowski
Upstate Model Railroaders

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Mike R / upstate:
I think John's intent is that convention attendees will take a train from the yard to a set of modules, switch cars, then return.  Car cards, or whatever system is being used, should be set up ahead of time.  The meeting is to work some of those details through.  We can also tweak things Thursday morning, but that's getting close to the actual operations.

Looking back at pictures of the Upstate end loops (from the May 2015 Aviation Mall show) - the 4' matches up with NTrak modules directly, but is the other loop 9' total or 9' plus the adapter?  (I assume this is the "flatter" return loop, not the mountainous one).


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Please see answers below. 

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So arranging this meeting is proving complex.  Let's see if we can address some of the stuff via email.

Mike R./Upstate 

Where do you guys stand, are you using the car card system and if so will you need help setting the card system up?  If you aren't using the cards, were you planning on using Geoff's system that Freemo used?
We have never used a card system. We will use whatever the group is using. 

Can you guys bring your return loop?  if so, is it 5' long or 6' long?
We have two return loops, a four ft and nine ft 
We also have junctions to go from four tracks to a split for the turn around. 
Dave and others,

Do we want to try to get together Thursday evening?  I can also do Wednesday but it will have to be after 7:30 at least.  Does anyone have questions on how to set up the cards?  Also, I made over 120 Car cards and waybills if people need some.  I discovered I basically have to go back to square one on my cards, I can handle that separately though.

I also need to know what trains people want to run as extras or through freights.  Try to keep it to one of each, you can bring more to swap in as needed.  
We could run a coal train and or passenger service as through trains. 

I have been pounding away on my modules and I'm pretty close on the yard.  I will be converting to Power Poles on the return loop for the yard. 

Bob and Geoff,

We will need plenty  of PP to Cinch Jones adapters in addition to the DCC equipment.  There should be no reversing loops.  We will need to power all three or four of the tracks plus all the optional blue.  

Mike L., 

Please bring the duckunder, we need the crossovers.

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