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Dave Sefcik

Maybe I missed a message but have we selected a day & time for setting up a dry run for the Sept show?



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Subject: Modular layouts at the NER convention in September

This email is to pass along information relevant to the modular layouts
at the NER convention in six weeks.

The layout room will be in "King Street 2 and 4".  This is a space
approximately 50' by 50'.  There will be three rectangular layouts in
the room - Albany N-Trak, the CAB, and the A&LC.  We can start setting
up in the layout room after 7:00 pm on Wednesday, September 14th.  The
best access is via one of the guest doors on the northwest side of the
hotel.  They are lettered; I will check on which one is closest and
report back on that.  Modules should be brought across the atrium and
into the King Street rooms.  Setup will be available until 9:00 or so
Wednesday night.  Setup can be finished Thursday morning.  The major
limitation on setup is not disturbing hotel guests while bringing in

There are power outlets in a few locations along the walls; we will make
sure power is available for layouts as needed.  Please let me know if
you need more than one outlet.

The convention starts Thursday afternoon.  Operating sessions are
scheduled on the modular layouts Thursday and Friday afternoons, from
1:00 until 5:00.  "Viewing" sessions are scheduled for Thursday and
Friday evenings from 6:30 until 9:30, and Friday morning from 9:00 to
noon.  Viewing can be just having trains running, or informal
operations.  Teardown is Saturday morning.  The room needs to be empty
by early afternoon.

The room will not be totally secure overnight.  Guests will not be able
to wander in while we're not there, but the service entrances cannot be
locked.  Please plan to take DCC equipment and any valuable or prized
models out of the room overnight.

We would also like to know ahead of time how many operators your layout
can handle at a time (including how many throttles you have for guests),
how long you think an operations session will take, and any special
considerations that might exist for guest operators.

Thank you.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the show!

Geoff Dunn

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